How to view and order our photos - It is important to read this so that it is easy for you to view pictures and place an order.

      • To view the photos from your function click the link at the centre of the page.
      • This will take you to the main picture index page.
      • Select the category of photos that you wish to view.
      • (Please note that if there are pictures of under 18s at your event, then you will need a username and password to view.  The person who organised your event will have these, so please ask. You can telephone 07973 229130 and ask for the username and password for your event, but we will ask questions to ensure that you have a valid reason to view your requested photo gallery. This is necessary to ensure the safety of all children that we photograph)
      • Click the picture in which you are interested.
      • Hover over the picture andclick the shopping trolley at the top of the photo
      • A new CLOSED tab titled Order a Photograph - Click this tab
      • This will open the purchasing page.
      • You will see your chosen picture with its number underneath
      • The Photo Number will already be in the Picture Number boxes
      • Check the shopping cart is correct, then close the window to return to the pictures if you wish to order more photos.
      • When you have ordered your last photo click checkout and follow the instructions for payment.

      PLEASE NOTE: If you order a photo, we will crop and enhance it to the best effect before printing. If you see a part of an image that you would like (One person from a group) then please let us know and we will advise what can be done.

Click here to choose the photo gallery you wish to view